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Szolnok Logistics Service Centre

Szolnok Logistics Service Centre

„The past few years have shown that the concept on which the development of the logistics centre was based and started was correct. The logistics centre has become an integral part of the county’s industrial development programme and the activities of the existing companies.”  

The container traffic conducted by the Szolnok Terminal of MÁV Kombiterminál Ltd. is quite significant. The road transport of containers provides work for several businesses based in Szolnok or in its neighbouring area. Successful partnerships have been formed, and thanks to them, today the centre is able to satisfy storage or storage-related needs.

By becoming part of the industrial estate and its developments, the potentials of the logistics centre have greatly increased. Therefore there are no limits to the development of logistics services provided for production companies. The constantly developing industrial estate and the companies settled there provide the necessary product base for the start of the adequate storage-logistics investments. There is huge potential in the combined goods transport, primarily in the development of container transport in the existing transport channels and the promising direct rail link to the Far East. Our aim is to improve our services with as many co-operating partners as possible and earn the right for the use of the „intermodal logistics centre” title.

István Simon, manager of the Logistics Service Centre

Resulting from its central location, Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County is traversed by important transit routes connecting the eastern and western part of the country and also establishing contact to her eastern borders.

The position of the City of Szolnok, a county seat - lying in the relative geographic centre of East Hungary – her fundamental economic and infrastructural characteristics as well as her natural endowments provide adequate conditions to accommodate a significant logistics service centre supplying the region but also aspiring for an international role.

Szolnokis one of those rare settlements where the four fundamental types of transport are linked. The given exceptional endowments provide an opportunity for the start of a significant development process in the region with a more efficient utilization of the existing infrastructure.

Szolnokand its conurbation are in an exceptional position considering the number of trade channels and the aspects of transport logistics. The four most commonly used trade channels (road, rail, air and water transport) are found in the region. Furthermore, they meet within the administrative boundaries of Szolnok creating an excellent site for a logistics service centre.

A surface fortification of access roads, building of traffic hubs and bicycle paths and modernisation of street lighting was completed.

The improvement of the area for the logistics service centre was finished including the complete system of public utilities; drinking and fire water supply, drainage and sewage canals, gas distribution facility, electric energy supply and telecommunication system.

9,000 m2 of paved loading area was built, the first phase of the container terminal with 3,900 m2 of container storage capacity, 4,700 m2 vehicle storage area and 3,900 m2 of service road.

The infrastructural prerequisites of a 12-13,000 m2 warehouse have been created.  With the renovation of the presently two-storey operations block nearly 300 m2 of office space has become available for rent. A further extension can add 180 m2 of utilizable floor place in addition to the connecting welfare premises.

Szolnok Logistics Service Centre, already equipped with the fundamental infrastructure is located on the western flank of the city, north-west of the railway terminal, behind the TESCO hypermarket, at the end of Téglagyári Road. 

Its accessibility by road is excellent from every direction. By its position it is ideally suited to the erection of warehouses serving daily deliveries, supplying city logistics and the factories settled in the city’s industrial park to which it is connected by road and rail alike.

By public road

From Road 32 (former Road 4) via Nagysándor József road to the end of Téglagyári road
crossing the tracks of the shunting rails of Szolnok Freight Terminal.


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