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Pensions and camp sites

Pensions and camp sites

Tisza Backwater Water Sports Complex

The complex offers accommodation right on the bank of the river’s backwater in a peaceful, picturesque natural environment also ideal for doing water sports.

Telephone: 56/423-902 or 56/425-702

Web site: www.szolsport.hu


Park Pension and Restaurant

The restaurant provides menu lunches from its own kitchen primarily to workers from the neighbouring Industrial Estate. The pension has five single rooms and two conference rooms catering mainly for business travellers.

Web sites: www.szolnokpanzio.hu


Europe Restaurant and Pension House

Restaurant, buffet and five guest rooms are available in the pension house catering for the participants of the events organised on the premises or passing visitors. The rooms are priced rasonable even for part time college students arriving for their consultation days.

Web site: www.europaetterem.hu


Alcsi Tisza Backwater Leisure Centre

Address: Szajol, Külterület, Postal address: 5001 Szolnok, Pf.: 33. Tel.: 36-20/366 7630

Web site: www.nairam.hu


Alcsi Tisza Backwater Pension and Restaurant

Address: Szolnok, 7-9 Tölgy Str. 7-9. Tel.: 56/342-177; 70/315-9502; Fax: 56/342-177

Web site: www.alcsifood.hu


Tiszaliget Motel

Address: Szolnok, 34, Tiszaliget sétány, Tel.: 56/424-403

Web site: www.tiszaligetimotel.hu


Troika Guest House

Address: Szolnok, 5, Tiszaligeti sétány, Tel.: 56/514-600; 56/420-486

Web site: www.trojka.hu


Millér Pension and Leisure Park Camp Site

The leisure complex lies in the green belt of the town, on the banks of the Tisza River and the Millér drainage canal, about 5 minutes’ drive from the town centre. Millér Pension provides comfortable accommodation for 33 people and can receive campers and tourists with caravans. The pension, the sports grounds and the Glass Pavillion accommodating 150 people welcome all visitors looking for relaxation, sports or entertainment. The campsite has a capaciy of 60 people and is equipped with the standard facilities and services of this type of accommodation.

Web site: www.millerpart.hu


Tiszaliget Motel & Camp Site

Address: Szolnok, 34, Tiszaliget sétány, Tel.: 56/424-403

Web site: www.tiszaligetimotel.hu

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