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Museum and Specialised Exhibition of Hungarian Aviation History

Museum and Specialised Exhibition of Hungarian Aviation History

The museum houses the biggest collection of military aircraft in Hungary but also displays civilian, police, water management and sports planes. The Soviet-made MIG fighter jets, IL-18 and TU-134 passenger carriers are spectacular attractions. All lined up here the helicopters, jet-engined or propelled planes, interceptors, tactical bombers, trainer or practice aircrafts ever into service in Hungary and their counterparts on „the other side”, the Starfighter and the Hunter. This arsenal is further enriched by an IL-2 bomber from World War II which crashed into Lake Balaton. Besides the history of navigation some space relics are also displayed here.

Museum and Specialised Exhibition of Hungarian Aviation History

This rare collection in Central Europe was entered into the catalogue of Aircrafts Museums of the World in 1996.

Since 2011, three new planes have arrived at the exhibition grounds; from now on these can also be seen by the public in the regular opening hours, free of charge.

The Jak-11 trainer plane — which was brought to Szolnok from Kecel in September — was entered into service in the Hungarian People’s Army in 1950, and served until 1960. The Buzzard manufactured in Czechoslovakia in 1955, was entirely renovated by the museum’s specialists and now can receive its visitors in its full former glamour. The UAV model dubbed Bat and the Kvasz-replica are unique design planes and, consequently, are the only specimens in the world.



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