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Major events

Major events

The attractiveness of our town is enhanced by a number of major events which have already become a tradition.

Major events

Szolnokcan rightly be proud of its rich and colourful programme offer. All age groups will find pleasant and useful pastime activities for themselves from sports events to classical music concerts to reputed exhibitions or even fairs.

The annually recurring traditional programmes are getting complemented with new ones from time to time.

Of our traditional programmes, the „Battle of Szolnok” related to the commemorations of the War of Independence of 1848/1849 rightly stands out. The opening battle of the victorious spring campaign fought on 5th March 1849, brought a turning point in the course of the war, that’s why it was very important that the army of General Damjanich won the fight which is still celebrated by the population of the town every year. The re-enactment of scenes of the battle by German, Austrian, Polish, Czech, and Hungarian military tradition-keeping groups is very popular with the locals and has become a major attraction of the town drawing bigger crowds to the banks of the Tisza River from year to year.


Spring is greeted with music in the town every year: this is the time of the Szolnok Music Festival attracting large audiences of music lovers with its classical music concerts.

The symbol and determining factor of our town, the Tisza River, is a natural endowment and potential that should be capitalised on and the town is determined to do just that. It is reflected in the slogan „Szolnok – capital of the Tisza” and also in the attitude characteristic of the people living here. Everyone considers the river of their own and it forms an integral part of the everyday life of the people living on their banks.

The Szolnok Mayfly Festival is directly connected to the wildlife of the river and offers a rich variety of programmes. On several stages jazz, blues, rock concerts and standup comedians entertain the audience creating the opportunity for less-known settlements to introduce themselves. On Winehouse Walk family wineries from all over the country present their products and offer for tasting. In the Handicrafts’ Park visitors get acquainted with the secrets of making folk and industrial art products from lead spilling to glass blowing and paper dipping. The youngest ones are awaited with a children’s playhouse ensuring that every member of the families attending the event find some kind of entertainment.

Major events

The real summer season in Szolnok begins with the opening event of the ’Summer on the banks of Tisza’ series. The pop and classical music concerts, operetta, musical and Hungarian song recitals, stage performances attract hordes of visitors filling the squares and streets of the downtown area. The series of events lasting throughout the summer won a „recommendation of the North-Alföld” prestigious title in 2007.

The cluster of events is complemented by the ’Food Promenade’, an outdoor gastronomic show offering an introduction to the cousine of different nations and combining entertainment and food sampling.

Heritage Festival is held on August 19th and 20th providing the opportunity for young bands from Hungary and abroad to perform and win recognition drawing inspiration from folk music, the music of ethnic Hungarians living outside the present borders, the music of ethnic minorities living in Hungary and the ancient musical heritage of other nations.

Major events

On 20th August, as all other settlements, Szolnok celebrates the foundation of the Hungarian state befittingly with the St. Stephen Day series of events. After the consecration of the new bread and the high mass, the town converts into the home entertainment programmes flooding the riverbanks with people. The streetball and floorball tournaments are followed by the performances of famous musicians and entertainers, air shows and crowned with spectacular fireworks at 9 o’clock in the evening.

Major events

The month of September in our town is dedicated to the respect, preservation and cherishment of traditions.

Since 2000, the calendar of events has been enriched with one more entry. Every year on 1st September, local residents remember an illustrious event, the opening of the Szolnok-Pest railway line which took place on 1st September 1847. Railways played a huge role at that time, they connected Szolnok to the bloodstream of the country and it is celebrated by the ’Day of the Town’ festival today. Besides the festive commemorations, the ’Alföld Honey Day and Meeting of Beekepers’ and the ’Civilian Cavalcade’ awaits the visitors.

The Szolnok Goulash Festival is also organised every year held on the second Saturday of September. The event enjoys a long tradition and has taken the fame of Szolnok to far-away lands attested by the fact that visitors and invited guests keep coming back year after year from home and abroad. An indicator of the scale of the event is that in recent years, more than 900 hundred stew-pots have been bubbling in the Tiszaliget, where more than 60,000 visitors, guests and cooking team members inspected and tasted the innumerable varieties of this Hungarian delicacy.

Major events

The autumn months to cultural programmes in Szolnok thanks to the Autumn Arts Weeks held for years now from the beginning of October to the end of November. In these months, audiences can enjoy classical and pop music concerts, dance and eurhythmics shows as well as art exhibitions.

With the rapid passage of autumn and the advent of December, the advent fair opens its gates on the beautified Kossuth Square. The wonderful decorations, the reindeer sleigh, the lighting strings, the Christmas songs, the Nativity scene and the Christmas tree remind every visitor: Christmas is approaching. Handicraft gifts are sold in wooden stalls, and visitors forget about the cold thanks to the enchanting sights, the mulled wine, and the freshly baked flat bread and pastry horn.

Major events

’The capital of Tisza’ and the hospitality of Szolnok residents welcome visitors in every season, confident that having experienced the "Szolnok feeling” they are taking home pleasant memories and also spreading the reputation of the town in all quarters of the globe.

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