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Investment-friedly town

Investment-friedly town

After the industrial estate, the town of Szolnok was also awarded the ’Investment-friendly’ title by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency.

We must pay attention to the minutest things in our competition to win the favour of foreign investors. They make their decisions on a most diverse set of criteria where to invest millions of euros in a given case.  It is not by chance then, that only 44 settlements concluded successfully the preparatory programme for investment-friendly settlements launched by the Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency and the Ministry of National Develoment and Economy about a year ago. The experts of the municipal governments received individual assistance in determining how they could bring their settlement to a competitive investment location.

According to Mrs. Hegman Sára Nemes, deputy mayor, the experience gained will be utilised in the future in full occupation of the industrial estate and investors flocking to Szolnok once the present economic crisis is over. This is also assisted by the fact that the more prepared settlements, including Szolnok, can introduce themselves in a separate, English-language page on ITD’s web site. This includes the key information to potential investors; so besides the economic traditions, major companies and services available, statistics on labour and education within a radius of 50 km are also provided complete with a list of specific sites recommended for investment. An indisputible sign of success is that on the settlements involved in the programme six major investments are being implemented with a total value of 58 million euro and creating over 1,300 new jobs within the next few years.

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