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Szolnok – the seat of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County – lies in the heart of the Alföld (Hungarian Plain). The town is intersected by the Tisza and Zagyva Rivers, whose flood basins and backwaters offer a paradise for anglers and hikers. The spectre of untouched riverbanks adds a special experience to doing watersports on the Tisza River and invites people to cycling and walking tours. The town boasts a rich cultural life, its summer programmes and the traditionally held Goulash Festival attract great crowds. Szolnok’s reputation is enhanced by the peformances of Szigligeti Theatre, the exhibitions of the Artists’ Colony which has been hosting artists since 1902. In addition, several other museums with permanent or temporary exhibitions are open to visitors.


With its nearly 75,000-strong population, Szolnok is not the biggest but one of the most beautiful county seats of Hungary. The mention of its name conjures up the Tisza River, the Szigligeti Theatre, the Artists’ Colony, basketball, water sports and plenty of intact natural beauties, and the mating dance of mayflies which is a sight that every nature lover must see.

The Tisza and Zagyva rivers together with their backwaters play a very important role in the life of the town. Our town was built at the confluence of the two rivers and its residents have always been tough and industrious people. Everyhing that nature has endowned us with is totally unique and forms an unbreakable bond between the town and its residents.

Apart from the wildlife treasures of the river valleys, Szolnok owns another treasure: the wonders that our medicinal thermal waters make are known to many and are being discoved by more and more people every year.


The attractiveness of the town is enhanced by a number of large-scale events that have grown into a tradition. Szolnok Music Festival is organised every year in March and April with performances of reputed artists. Of the creative communities in the town the Artists’s Colony is not the only one that gained recognition in the course of the years but also the Tisza Folk Dance Ensemble, the Béla Bartók Béla Chamber Choir and the Szolnok Symphonic Orchestra.

Water polo, basketball and water sports in general have a long tradition in Szolnok. On a backwater of the Tisza a kayak-canoe race track was created suited to accommodate international competitions, too. Enthusiasts of angling, hunting and horse riding will also find excellent opportunities to pursue their hobbies.


Visitors to the town are awaited with lost of colourful programmes and an enhanting natural environment. High standard accommodation serves the needs of quality tourism, from youth hostels to leisure centres and even to 4-star hotels. The wide range of choice caters both for individuals or groups, recreational or business tourists. The conference facilities available also serve the needs of business tourism.

A host of restaurants are available to people seeking the pleasures of gastronomy accompanied by friendly service and genuine hospitality.

Visitors will also find innumerable ways of useful leisure time activities. Our thermal water ensures regeneration and recovery from various illnesses, the untouched world of our rivers and backwaters and natural beauties are ideal for relaxation.

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