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  • Greetings from the Mayor

    Greetings from the Mayor

    Dear Visitor,
    Welcome to Szolnok, the capital of the River Tisza. Our old-established town is situated between two rivers called the Tisza and the Zagyva in the heart of the Great Plain.
    We are all very proud of our town, which has made tremendous improvements in most fields of life. Our economy is developing rapidly, providing more and more job opportunities and a living for the people year by year. New squares, parks and playgrounds have been built; furthermore, we have the means to modernise institutions, and the latest landmark of our town has been completed: it is one of the longest footbridges of Europe.
    We are especially proud of the so called ‘Rep-Tár’, which introduces the history of the national military aviation with the help of airplanes, helicopters and other special tools including interactive technical devices. Tourism will soon be boosted by a new swimming pool as well as the renovation of the former castle area.
    We are delighted to show the sights of our developing town to everyone arriving here. Visit Szolnok, get to know its inhabitants, and who knows, we might greet each other as friends one day in the capital of the river Tisza.
    I look forward to meeting you here with best regards:
    Ferenc Szalay
    Mayor of Szolnok